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June Blog: Visit Historic Bennington


June Blog: Self-guided tours & history of Bennington
We hope everyone is having a great start to summer! The weather is beautiful in Wilmington & we are enjoying the warm days. Bennington is located about 25 minutes from Wilmington, full of history it is a great destination to tour while visiting the area.

Thank you,
Charlie & Megan
History of Bennington
Bennington, town (township), one of the seats of Bennington county (the other is Manchester Village), in the southwest corner of Vermont, U.S., on the Walloomsac River between the Taconic Range and the Green Mountains. It includes the villages of Old Bennington, Bennington, and North Bennington.

The site, chartered as a town in 1749, was settled in 1761 and named for Benning Wentworth, governor of New Hampshire, who issued the grant. The settlers were led by Samuel Robinson, who camped in the river valley on his return from the French and Indian War. Within the year the group had organized a town-meeting government that has survived to this day with only slight modifications. These pioneers, among them Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys, successfully resisted the claims to Bennington lands by absentee landlords of New York, and the independence of Vermonters was soon established.

During the 19th century the town grew into a textile, pottery, wood products, and paper centre. Its present economy is based on manufacturing (batteries, automotive parts, composites, stoneware, plastic products, and hand tools), agriculture (including maple sugar), and tourism. Nearby ski areas attract many visitors.

Extant colonial buildings include the Walloomsac Inn (in continuous service from the 1760s to the 1980s, when it became a private residence) and the houses of Parson Jedediah Dewey, Governor Isaac Tichenor, and General David Robinson. The Old First Church (1806) was restored in 1937; the grave of Robert Frost, the poet, is in the Old Burying Ground. The town is the seat of Southern Vermont College (founded 1926) and Bennington College (1932.)
Battle of Bennington
Battle of Bennington, (August 16, 1777), in the American Revolution, victory by American militiamen defending colonial military stores in BenningtonVermont, against a British raiding party.

After capturing Fort Ticonderoga (see Siege of Fort Ticonderoga) in July 1777, the British commander, General John Burgoyne, pushed into western New York State toward Albany. His long supply line to Canada could not provide adequate supplies, and so hoping to capture needed provisions and overawe New Englanders, he dispatched a well-equipped regiment to Bennington under the German colonel Friedrich Baum. The raiding force, numbering 800 Germans, British, Loyalists, and Indians, departed on 9 August and plundered the countryside for five days. On 14 August, a group of American militia sent by Vermont Brigadier General John Stark lost a skirmish with Baum’s raiders near Bennington. The American force grew to 1,100 men the next day when Stark arrived with reinforcements in heavy rain. Baum realized he was badly outnumbered. He sent a courier to Burgoyne requesting more troops and had his men build earth breastworks in the meantime for defense.

On 16 August, Stark led his militia in a multipronged assault against Baum’s positions. The complex American plan worked perfectly, hitting the positions simultaneously from several directions. The Loyalists and Indians ran at the first volley, but the British and German regulars fiercely defended their redoubt for two hours until their ammunition was gone. In a vain attempt to break out, Baum had his dismounted Hessian cavalrymen draw sabers and attack on foot. Baum fell fatally wounded, and the survivors surrendered. Reinforcements sent by Burgoyne were delayed by the rain and arrived after the battle. Stark reformed his celebrating men and attacked the arriving Germans. In the fight, the German commander was killed and the rest forced to retreat. The outcome of this engagement went far in enhancing American morale.

The battle, which took place at the site of the present village of Walloomsac, New York (several miles west of Bennington), contributed to the eventual defeat of Burgoyne. It is commemorated by a historical park near Walloomsac and by a 306-foot obelisk at the village of Old Bennington.
Bennington Museum
The Bennington Museum presents and explores the rich culture of southern Vermont, eastern New York State, northwestern Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire in all its forms, from the 18th century to the present.

The Museum, founded in 1875, has an outstanding historical collection centered on regional materials—particularly those associated with the Battle of Bennington in 1777 during the American Revolution, which took place several miles northwest of Bennington in what is now New York state.

The museum includes genealogical records, the oldest stars-and-stripes flag in existence, an art collection containing stoneware and porcelain objects from local potteries, and paintings, including a number of works by Grandma Moses.

Bennington boasts multiple driving & walking tours that bring you through the history of the area. The Bennington Museum has compiled a great list of these tours.

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Sunday, May 30, 2021

May Blog: Summer & Fall Events for 2021


Events & Festivals Summer & Fall 2021
It's is an exciting time as Vermont opens back up and events are on the horizon!
We are excited to share a list of events & festivals this summer and fall in the areas surrounding Wilmington! So many of the return events are back such as; Marlboro Music Festival, Mount Snow Brew Fest, and the Wine & Harvest Festival.
Come check out all of the fun experiences to be had while staying at the Inn. Dates are booking fast so we are sending a full list so you can plan ahead. Can't wait to see everyone soon!

Thank you,
Charlie & Megan

Events & Festivals Starting in July!
Here is a list of festivals & events to check out this summer & fall. Events are sorted by month.

The events that are located in the Wilmington area are in yellow font!

Ongoing local events:

Wilmington Antique & Flea Market is open every weekend starting 5/23 through 10/24; hours are 9am to 4pm.

Brattleboro Farmers Market is every Saturday till October 30th from 9am to 2pm.


7/3: Independence Day Fireworks at Mount Snow
Dover, VT
SVDV Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Annual Independence Day Fireworks at Mount Snow!

7/17: Opening weekend at Marlboro Music Festival
Marlboro, VT
Marlboro Music Festival is a collection of musical artists from around the world that collaborate to create performances open to the public on weekends. Tickets are limited!

7/17: Deerfield Valley Rotary Club Annual Garden Tour
Wilmington, VT
The Deerfield Valley Rotary Club's Garden and Music Event. Visit beautiful gardens in Wilmington and Dover and see local musicians live!

7/24: Week 2 concerts at Marlboro Music Festival
Marlboro, VT
Marlboro Music Festival is a collection of musical artists from around the world that collaborate to create performances open to the public on weekends. Tickets are limited!

7/26: SVDV Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament
Wilmington, VT
Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce holds our Annual Golf Tournament at Haystack Golf Course

7/30: Southern Vermont Art & Craft Festival
Bennington, VT
A festive mid-summer gathering featuring 125 artists, artisans, and specialty food makers displaying and selling a diverse selection of handmade goods accompanied by live music, fabulous food trucks, and Vermont Craft Beer.

7/31: Week 3 concerts at Marlboro Music Festival
Marlboro, VT
Marlboro Music Festival is a collection of musical artists from around the world that collaborate to create performances open to the public on weekends. Tickets are limited!

8/5-8/8: Old Home Week in Wilmington
Wilmington, VT
Old Home Week is a town event held every 10 years. It is best described as a town reunion, a celebration of Wilmington's citizens, past, present, and future, and an honoring of its history. Events include a parade, a town dinner, and family reunions, and tours of local points of interest.

Wilmington, VT
Come celebrate everyone's love of Blueberries! A full week-long celebration starting with a Block Party on 8/6! Lots of fun for the whole family!

8/6: 47th Annual Adams Agricultural Fair
Adams, MA
An annual celebration of our heritage, culture, and community, as the fair provides good whole family fun at this true agricultural fair, with great entertainment, friendly competition, and educational experiences for the whole family.

8/7: Week 4 concerts at Marlboro Music Festival
Marlboro, VT
Marlboro Music Festival is a collection of musical artists from around the world that collaborate to create performances open to the public on weekends. Tickets are limited!

8/7: Summer HomeBrew Festival 2021
Bennington, VT
The Summer HomeBrew Festival is meant to highlight the unbelievable talent of the homebrewers in our region. The festival taps the best home brewing talent from Vermont, Mass, NY, and beyond!

8/14: Closing weekend at Marlboro Music Festival
Marlboro, VT
Marlboro Music Festival is a collection of musical artists from around the world that collaborate to create performances open to the public on weekends. Tickets are limited!

9/4: Garlic & Herb Festival
Bennington, VT
This Southern Vermont Festival keeps getting better and better. In 2021, Bennington’s Garlic and Herb Festival will celebrate its 26th year. Garlic ice cream, garlic goodies, and other local delicacies to eat on-site and to take home. And, some of the best artisan vendors in the Northeast. This event is full to the brim with fun – Bounce houses, kiddy train, beer tents, and live music.

9/4: 26th Annual Mount Snow Brewers Festival
Dover, VT
The renowned celebration of beer, music, and food is back! While this year’s version will be scaled back to maintain safety protocols, we still promise a great time and fantastic beers. Enjoy 20 breweries pouring a variety of beers and ciders, delicious food options, and quality live music throughout the event. Tickets will be available to purchase soon and they will be limited!

9/18: Bennington Annual Food Truck Festival
Bennington, VT
Food lovers will want to make their way to downtown Bennington on September 14th for the annual Bennington Food Truck Festival. Food trucks and vendors from Vermont and beyond will be serving a wide variety of dishes, such as Thai, Jamaican, comfort foods, classic treats, unique sandwiches, maple items, desserts, BBQ, international fare, wings, smoothies, slushies, and more! Local musicians.

9/24: Fresh Grass Festival at MassMoCA
North Adams, MA
An opportunity for enthusiasts to both appreciate and participate, FreshGrass is a family-friendly bluegrass festival, brimming with bright talent on four stages, and also in our galleries, brick-lined courtyards, and grassy field.

9/24: Annual Wine & Soup Stroll in Wilmington
Wilmington, VT
With over 20 soups to sample and judge and close to 30 wines to taste! Enjoy the historic village of Wilmington, VT, and the fantastic soups crafted by our valley chefs. After party at The Wilmington Inn to announce soup contest winner and draw raffle prizes.

9/25: Wine & Harvest Festival at Mount Snow
Dover, VT
Set in the backdrop of our world-renowned Vermont fall foliage, 
attendees of the 12th Annual Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival 
will discover, savor and enjoy Vermont vintners, small specialty food producers, chefs, painters, publishers, cheese makers, potters, jewelers, photographers, and farmers.

9/25: 2021 Winchester Pickle Festival
Winchester, NH
There will be live music, lawn games, a pickle parade, a pickle eating contest, local food trucks, and more. In addition, there will be a variety of vendors offering pickle items and more.

9/26: Vermont Wildlife Festival at Mount Snow
Dover, VT
The Vermont Wildlife Festival was first held in 2010 on Hogback Mountain in Marlboro Vermont. It was originally intended as an opportunity for locals and visitors to the region to share their passion for the outdoors in all its facets. Representatives from the hunting and conservation communities, wildlife rescues, State agencies, and nature centers all came out for a fun day of learning and fun in beautiful Vermont outdoors!

10/1: Manchester Fall Art & Crafts 40th Festival
Manchester, VT
Find handcrafted creations made by expert Artists and Artisans, and meet the actual makers of the work. Visitors also enjoy the Specialty Foods and Spirits tent, with producers of Vermont products including maple syrup, craft distilled spirits, and other gourmet items. Also find wine, beer, and great food to eat on-site while you enjoy live music and other entertainment.

10/9: 23rd Annual Mount Snow OktoberFest
Dover, VT
Mount Snow Oktoberfest is back! This year’s version will be scaled back, but will still offer the beer, schnitzel, and Oom-pah music that you love. Enjoy a selection of beers from German and domestic breweries as well as authentic German fare. If safety protocols allow, they will have annual games like the keg toss, yodeling contest, and stein holding. Tickets will be available to purchase soon and they will be limited!

10/9: Newfane Heritage Festival
Newfane, VT
Every October for the last 50 years locals and visitors alike have enjoyed the Newfane Heritage Festival, which showcases a juried selection of artists and craftspeople, as well as delicious food, a used goods sale (the Flea Tent), a Super Raffle, children’s activities, and live entertainment.

10/23: Gilfeather Turnip Festival
Wardsboro, VT
 America’s best turnip culinary event! Join the whole town for Gilfeather Turnip soup at the outdoor soup kiosk, farmers’ market, dozens of culinary-related craft vendors, 1000+ lbs of Gilfeather Turnips, and Gilfeather Turnip seeds. Also on sale: Gilfeather Turnip Festival t-shirts, Turnip logo gifts, and more.
Check out our local summer activities!
The Deerfield Valley is host to lots of different activities! Check out our website link below!
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