Monday, May 29, 2017

Summer has arrived in Wilmington!

Summer is here!!

In past blog posts, we have mentioned a few times the various activities that people can enjoy in the area. Every guest that visits the Wilmington Inn has expressed surprise when they hear about all of the adventures that await everyone in the Deerfield Valley year round. We have received lots of questions about various activities so we wanted to send out our top 5 favorite things (right now) to do.  The list is based off our personal enjoyment & interests; with that in mind there is no rhyme or reason to the order of the list.

5. Hiking & Mountain Biking
There are some amazing hiking trails within walking distance of downtown Wilmington.  Here is a link to our local trail map: 
Or if you are looking for different options here are some great spots to go:

4. Zoar Outdoor
Zoar Outdoor is a regional company that offers multiple outdoor adventures & rentals to offer up lots of different things to do.  Zoar is located directly across the street from the Wilmington Inn allowing you to take advantage of all activities without using your car! Zoar offers the following rentals in Wilmington; paddle boarding, kayaking & mountain bikes.  Let the Adventure begin!   Mention you are staying at the Wilmington Inn & receive 10% off!

3. Adams Farm
Adams Farm is a family run farm since 1865 & the farm is currently owned & operated by the 5th generation owner, Kip Adams.  Adams Farm is a terrific location to visit with lots of different fun activities.  On the farm, they offer; petting zoo, horseback riding, paintball, fishing, Farm to Table BBQ and many more activities.  You can check their website here- reservations recommended:

2. Boat Rental & Harriman Reservoir (also known as the Lake around these parts)
The main drag through Wilmington is the Molly Stark Byway or Route 9.   Molly Stark Byway follows the expansive Harriman Reservoir (also known as Lake Whitingham) for more than a mile.  The Lake is a power reservoir owned & operated by TransCanada.  The Lake is over 8 miles long & features 28 miles of winding coastline.  People say the Lake can appear packed & you can always find a quiet Spot!  With that in mind, there are lots of things to do.   There  are some great beach areas & swimming holes. 
We recommend you check out High Country Marine, they rent everything from Wave Runners to Pontoon boats:  

1. Fishing
Fishing is #1 because Charlie is an avid fisherman for saltwater & freshwater.  Keep in mind, fishing is one of his hobbies,  but he by no means a pro.  As we all know Vermont is a land locked state so saltwater fishing is out of question; but the freshwater fishing is plentiful.  In Wilmington you can fish from a boat or there is great shore fishing.  Recently, the Wilmington Inn partnered with Brian Lynch of Pheasant Tail Tours to be the exclusive fly-fishing guide for the Wilmington Inn.  Brian is a local guide who fishing on the Deerfield River & other local spots.  Check out Brian’s website for more information

With Fishing on the mind, we are excited to roll out our first fly-fishing weekend at the Wilmington Inn July -8-9!   The Inn will be open only to guests who book the fly-fishing package so everyone can sit around in the evening and share tales about the great fish they have caught!  The package includes:
  • Fly-fishing with two guides on Sunday July 9th for 4-5 hours in the morning at a local fishing spots along the Deerfield River & local rivers
  • Fly-fishing gear is available (request ahead of time)
  • Welcome reception Saturday July 8th at the inn with complimentary appetizers, fly tying, & maybe a few more surprises
  • Complimentary breakfast Sunday morning before departing for fly-fishing
  • Bagged lunch to have on fishing trip
This amazing package is available at a discounted rate of $125 plus room accommodations.  You can't beat this price!  Want to make a weekend out of it?  Arrive Friday night & fly fish Saturday as well for an additional $85 ($210 package on website), or use Saturday to relax and explore this great town.
                Reservations can be booked in several ways:

Hope everyone enjoyed learning about all of the various activities in Wilmington!  Come up & visit soon!  Excited for the new renovations? Like our Facebook page to see the before & after!

See you soon!

Megan & Charlie Foster

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Spring Newsletter

For our entire lives we have always assumed that in order to experience Vermont, you had to travel several hours into the state to experience most of what Vermont has to offer.  That all changed when we moved to Wilmington.  As many of you know, Wilmington is located in Southern Vermont & an easy drive to all major cities on the East Coast. Visiting us here is an easy way to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world.

As new transplants to Southern Vermont, we had little knowledge that there were tons of adventures & events in the Deerfield Valley all year long.  Every guest that we interacted with this winter had no idea that the Deerfield Valley had so many fun activities in the summer and fall. So we decided to take on the important task & educate everyone on upcoming activities & events.


Right now while you are sitting in your office or riding the subway from work, start dreaming about your next adventure.  Where can you escape to that you don't have to drive all night for 2 days of fun.  One of the benefits of the Deerfield Valley is that it offers lots of adventures in the immediate area of the Inn!  In order to keep everyone reading, here are some easy bullets about the various things to do this summer & fall!
Summer Activities
- Lots of Water Sports (bring your own or rentals available) on the lake!
- Mountain biking (bring your own or rentals available)
- Hiking for all different skill levels
- Farm activities, animals & games
- Outdoor furniture for relaxation
- Boat Rentals
- Shopping Galore

Check out the Southern Vermont Chamber of Commerce for more info!


Like what you have seen so far?  There is lots of more information to come.  For events, we are only going to concentrate on events through Fall 2017.  Looking for that getaway weekend spot, this is it!  Here is some of what is going on around here this summer & fall!

Summer Events

Memorial Day weekend May 26-29
- Make a Wish Duck Race & Block Party May 29
- Wilmington Parade May 29

Tough Mudder June 24 & 25

Independence Day July 1- July 5
- Events throughout the valley all weekend long!

Marlboro Music Festival July 15- August 13                               

Deerfield Valley Blueberry Festival July 28- August 6

100th Annual Farmer's Day Fair & Demo Derby August 17-20

Mount Snow Brewer's Festival September 2-3

9th Annual Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival September 22-24

Enjoy taking a look at these sites, so many great activities & events!  Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

We are cruising through our renovations with great work from Lost Boys Construction & local vendors!  We have found some fun surprises in this historic building & we are enjoying the renovation process.  Once we are completed in a few weeks, we will send out some great pictures!

Next blog we are going to provide some more details about all summer activities up here & how to reach all the different vendors.  From musical acts to pontoon boat rentals there is tons of stuff to do!

Thank you for everyone's feedback on our blog!  We have decided to keep the information on our newsletter & blog identical to make it easier to read.  We look forward to welcoming everyone up soon!

Thank you,

Megan & Charlie Foster