Thursday, March 23, 2017

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We thought for our first post, we would educate you about the area.  When we first looked at the Wilmington Inn, we had no idea how close we were to major cities as compared to the rest of the state.  We were so used to driving 4+ hours to Sugarbush & northern Vermont areas.  Wilmington is only 2 1/2 hours from Boston, 1 1/2 from Springfield or Albany & 3 hours from New York City.  Unbelievable!

Wilmington is located on Route 9 & Route 100 in between Bennington & Brattleboro.  We are located in the Deerfield Valley surrounded by southern Vermont's mountains; the most well known is HogBack Mountain.  The town is also located on Harriman Reservoir (or the Lake as its known around here).  There are several notable destinations in the area as well that attract visitors to Wilmington; Mount Snow, Hermitage Club & Molly Stark National Park.

Wilmington draws each visitor in when you learn of the town's amazing history.  Wilmington is a true crossroads town. The heart of this old village (chartered in 1751) is centered along the historic intersection of Route 9 and Route 100, long-vital roads linking remote Vermont towns and villages north and south, east and west. Prior to 1833, the village of Wilmington was located on "Old Hill" or Lisle Hill, just north from Main Street's four corners.  After the Great Road from Brattleboro to Bennington was built in 1828, the village was moved downhill (circa 1833) to its present location, where residents could be closer to the water power of Deerfield River and the commerce generated by the new Windham County "turn pike."

Most recently, Wilmington was greatly impacted by Hurricane Irene. On Sunday morning August 28, 2011, Wilmington residents woke up to what was supposed to be the tail end of a hurricane that was supposed to have run out of steam on its way up the Eastern Seaboard over New York City and across Connecticut and Massachusetts. Around 9 am, however, the Village of Wilmington began to flood. And flood. And flood until the entire downtown was 6 to 10 feet under water.

The flooding only lasted a few hours but what nature did in that short amount of time was unforgettable.  Today, the town is back and better than ever but it still needs as much help in the form of patronage and foot traffic as you can spare. Many good businesses were unable to re-open or had to close shortly thereafter. So many great businesses stepped up and re-invested into building their stores and restaurants back, better than ever. We hope you will stop in and browse the wares while you are visiting our town.

One of the main reasons Megan & I fell in love with Wilmington, is that it reminds us of where we got married in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  The two towns are similar that you can park your car at the inn & pick it up at the end of your stay.  You don't have to worry about driving to restaurants, hiking or shopping.  There is plenty to offer right in the Town of Wilmington!

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Next time, we are going to share some information about the different restaurants, shopping & services here in the town of Wilmington!

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